MORE CUPS EP RELEASED BY DOUBLE CUP KASE @ Relentless Number FIVE Club | 21st March .18


Last week we were invited to Double Cup Kase’s EP Launch More Cups at the renowned venue Relentless Number FIVE.

Kase is a young artist from London specialising in urban music, lyricism and energetic live performances. His stage presence is impressive, unique and always projects his remarkable energy onto the audience.

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Credits: Hvris

Double Cup Kase recently launched his ‘Off the Rails’ EP at industry-renowned venue The Book Club in Shoreditch and his next EP, ‘RIPPLE Effect’ is lined up for a near-future release. His recent projects such as “HOLDUP” and “MORE CUPS” have started to gain attention at home in London. Kase has been building a fanbase abroad in cities such as Barcelona and plans to expand this further with upcoming shows in Paris, Milan and Geneva. Alongside his musical pursuits, Kase has also featured in Pigeons & Peacocks magazine, appearing in their ‘Digital Class’ photo story which featured Money Clothing and many magazines for YSL. His strong work ethic and raw talent is the one reason this guy will go far. With so many projects under his belt this year, no doubt you’ll find it here first.

You can stream is EP “MORE CUPS” below.

Artist: Double Cup Kase

Buy More Cups Via iTunes:

Venue: Relentless Energy Drink

Clothing Sponsor: Mariaxgulina Clothing

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